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Winter can be brutal on our homes and even our pocketbooks. Believe it or not, most homes in Minnesota are severely under insulated. With our insulation system, our customers average 20% savings on their energy costs.

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We use an insulation made by the industry leader Owens Corning called Attic Cat. It is non abrasive (means no itch) absorbs zero moisture, and best of all has a lifetime guaranty for no settling. That means Total Home Exteriors will be the last company to ever re-insulate your home!

Just as important as insulation is attic ventilation. Attic baffles, also called vent chutes, help direct air flow from the soffit through the attic. Most older homes (20 plus years) don't even have them. Attic baffles can reduce roof deck temperature, minimize ice dam issues and help control attic moisture. They also keep insulation from falling into and clogging up the eaves. All projects we complete get baffles on all eaves to provide the best performance for your home.

In rare cases, there could be contaminants in the attic such as mold or old vermiculite insulation that should be removed. We are equipped to handle these issues as well.

Our rates are extremely competitive, and we are in and out of most homes in around four hours. Call Total Home Exteriors today at 612-388-7795 or Contact Us to start saving money on your energy bills!

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