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Minnesotans are used to cold and harsh winters, and they know winters in Minnesota often bring ice, snow and other hazards. And, sometimes, a result of these harsh winters is leaking roofs or windows. Why does this happen?


When ice builds up in your home’s gutters, it can cause damage to your roof and windows. And this can also cause your roof and windows to leak, and that means water starts to get into your home. This can cause a lot of expensive damage, so you’ll need to call on experts like us for ice dam steaming to stop the leaks.


Ice dam damage can also affect your home’s insulation. As the ice melts and leaks into your home, it can drip into your insulation, causing the insulation to get wet and lose its ability to help keep your home warm. This not only results in a possible mold problem, but you could see an increase in your heating bills.

So what is ice dam steaming anyway?

Ice dam steaming is the process of removing ice from your gutters using steam. Steam is the best way to remove ice from your gutters because this is the safest way to get rid of the ice without causing further damage. Roofs are especially prone to damage when it’s cold out because the shingles and other materials become brittle and fragile when the temperatures drop. Steam allows us to gently remove the ice without causing more damage to your roof.

How are Ice Dams Formed?

Picture this: It’s a typical Minnesota snow storm. Snow gathers on your roof and the outside air temperature is below freezing. Of course, you have the heat on in your home so your roof’s surface is warm, so the temperature on your roof is more than 32 degrees at its peak and less than 32 degrees at the edge. That warmth causes the snow and ice on your roof to melt. The snow and ice then flow down to your roof’s gutters. That water then freezes into ice in your gutters and prevents even more water from properly draining off of your roof.

Before you know it, you have a severe ice dam problem. But when the weather outside is bad, the last thing you want to do is get on your icy roof.

That’s where Total Home Exteriors comes in.

Our trained and professional roofers know how to carefully get around your roof and use ice steamers to effectively remove ice dams from your gutters.

The ice steamers we use will remove the ice dams from your gutters without causing more harm to your roof and windows. So rather than chipping away at the ice and risking more damage to your roof, we protect your home, roof, windows and gutters by using high-temperature steam. This way, we can remove all of the ice without touching your roof with any blunt tools.


Dealing with a build-up of ice now could save you thousands of dollars in repairs to your home.

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Dealing with a build-up of ice now could save you thousands of dollars in repairs to your home.