Ice Dam Steaming Andover MN
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Ice Dam Steaming Andover MN Ice Dam Steaming Andover MN
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Total Home Exteriors of Andover

Ice dams can be a huge problem in Minnesota, and when not taken care of to lead to severe issues.

Here at Total Home Exteriors we take on that extremely dangerous task of removing them for you. Rather than chipping away at them and risking damage to your roof, we protect your home by using high temperature steam. This way we can remove all the ice without touching the roof with any blunt tools.

When not dealt with it will end up costing thousands in repairs to the home, and still end up with the cost of removing the dams when it occurs.

So do yourself a favor and call Total Home Exteriors before you lose thousands in repairs.

Total Home Exteriors did an excellent job on my new roof, and am very satisfied with their work. They showed up on time, worked quickly and efficiently, cleaned up all construction debris, and had the job done in one day. Chad Erickson is very professional and easy to work with.

Mary B. - Lino Lakes, MN