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Try to top your neighbors for the holidays.

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No, we’re not talking about having the most Christmas lights per square foot on your roof-top…but you’re getting warmer. You see, the roof on your home needs to be fully functional and intact this time of year not only for your family’s safety, but for yours. We’re saying talk to your best known Ramsey MN roofing contractors to make sure you have the safest roof possible before putting up that plastic 20 foot Santa (complete with reindeer).

But in all seriousness, your roof is your Ramsey MN home’s first line of defense against storm damage and other attacks. Another year has flown by and it’s the holiday season again. That’s one more year of exposure to the harsh Ramsey MN wind and winter that roofing contractors dread.

Other potential hazards:

  • Ice/snow
  • Wind
  • Hail (especially in MN towns like Ramsey)
  • 300 lb Santa Claus

It’s part of living in Ramsey MN: you have to get used to the hail and the wind. And this means your home unfortunately will sometimes take a beating. Your roof will take the brunt of this damage, being affected heavily by storm damage.

The Ramsey MN roofing contractors at Total Home Exteriors are no strangers to these and offer the best protection in the Ramsey MN area for your roofing contractor needs. Protecting your home is the primary concern of our roofing contractors on staff, and we do safeguard against every precaution from the tear-off process until every shingle is nailed.

Unlike Santa, our team of roofing contractors will clean up the mess made, and will leave your Ramsey MN home as if we were never there (no footprints or missing cookies). The only evidence of our roofing contractors being on your property will be the gift we leave behind of a beautiful roof that will last you for years to come. To send us your roofing contractor wish-list contact us at 612-388-7795 or fill out our free estimate form.

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