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FAQs about Ice Dams and Ice Dam Steaming

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It’s still winter, and that means ice dams are a problem for a lot of homes in this area. Total Home Exteriors specializes in ice dam steaming in Minneapolis, and we often hear the same questions about ice dam steaming and the problems ice dams can cause. Here are a few common questions and our answers.

Q: What kind of problems can ice dams cause, and where do they usually form?

A: Ice dams can cause a variety of problems for the exterior and interior of your home. They can cause your roof to leak, which then, in turn, seeps down into your home’s ceilings and walls. That can cause mold and mildew to form, which can cause health problems for you and your family. Ice dams can cause problems with your gutters too.

Most of the time, ice dams form on the lowest edge of your roof.

Q: Are my gutters part of the problem?

A: No. While gutters can be affected by ice dams, they are not the reason ice dams form. Professional ice dam steaming can help your gutters by getting rid of the ice that can cause the gutters to break.

Q: What impact does insulation have on the formation of ice dams?

A: A great deal! Not enough insulation or improperly installed insulation can definitely contribute to ice dams. Insulation helps with proper ventilation, and proper ventilation can help prevent ice dams and the need for ice dam steaming. If heat is leaking out of your roof, it causes the snow and ice on your roof to melt. The melting snow and ice drip down into your gutters, where it refreezes and causes ice dams to form.

Q: Why should I call you for ice dam steaming?

A: Ice dam steaming needs to be done right the first time, otherwise you risk damaging your roof and your gutters, not to mention injury to yourself or others. We have the right tool to get the job done: a special steamer that is just for ice dam steaming. If you use a chisel, hammer, axe or power washer, you run the risk of damaging your roof and gutters or hurting yourself.

Q: My gutters only have a small ice dam in them. Can’t I just let the ice dam melt on its own?

A: Even if the ice dam is as small as one inch thick, it can still cause a host of problems, especially if you have a lower pitched roof.

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